Wednesday, April 4, 2012

W3EDP begins...

My Name is Eric Prescott and my call is W3EDP.

Welcone to my explorations in Ham Radio. Currently i'm licensed as at the General Level and have been active with Amateur Radio since fall of 2007. I began my Radio carrier with the Nittany Amatuer Radio Club as a Technician with the call of KB3QGC but quickly changed it as there were a nubmer of others who all licnesed at the same time and we all sounded far to similar to even remember who was who.  Hence the vanity call, and no I had nothing to do with the W3EDP antenna.  I am a member of the ARRL and local the ARES/RACES group.

I run the following equipment:

Handy Talkies:
My interests are varied and pooch Shasta keeps me company on my journies.

While I enjoy building QRP rigs I have not found the time to learn the code but am working to find it.

I'm not sure how far this will go, but I thought it may help me and others to see what I have been playing with and learning about.